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Townsend Soft Force OA Unloading Knee Braces

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    Soft Force Reliever OA Unloading Knee Braces
    • Lightweight breathable non-neoprene sleeve with lycra posterior panel features two-way anterior closure thigh section, making it easy for the patient to apply and achieve comfortable compression

    • Sleeve incorporates anti-migration silicone beads to enhance suspesnsion

    • Patented Townsend Motion Hinge, with adjustable flexion and extension straps, tracks anatomically with the knee.

    • Ridgid aircraft grade aluminum upright features load distributing paddles with pre-loaded varus/valgus correction (3, 5 od 7 degree bend to the upright can be requested).

    • Non-elastic anterior and posterior straps contribute corrective force and aid brace suspension. Additional condyle pads (1/4" and 5/8") are provided to optimize corrective force.

    • Optional patella buttress insert can be attached for medial, lateral or full-circumferential stabilization

    Sizing Reference
    With the patient’s leg at full extension, measure circumference around the
    center of the affected knee. Also, reference minimum and maximum calf and
    thigh circumferences to determine the best size.

    12” to 13” knee circumference (calf 12” to 13” and thigh 16” to 24”)
    13” to 14” knee circumference (calf 13” to 15” and thigh 17” to 26”)
    14” to 15” knee circumference (calf 14” to 18” and thigh 18” to 28”)
    15” to 17” knee circumference (calf 15” to 20” and thigh 20” to 29”)
    17” to 19” knee circumference (calf 16” to 22” and thigh 22” to 31”)
    19” to 21” knee circumference (calf 18” to 24” and thigh 23” to 32”)
    21” to 22” knee circumference (calf 20” to 26” and thigh 25” to 34”)
    22” to 23” knee circumference (calf 21” to 27” and thigh 26” to 36”)

    Compartment Medial OA  or Lateral OA

    If you select lateral OA, please read these instructions and select
    the lateral OA hinge position

    Optimum unloading for Lateral OA patients is achieved when the hinge in placed
    on the medial side of the knee. However, if the patient is extremely knock-knee
    and a medial hinge is problematic, request the Lateral Hinge position.
    Medial Hinge Position Lateral Hinge Position

    Leg Right or Left